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Comedians Craig Fay and Rebecca Reeds view movies and TV shows from the villain's perspective and dare to ask if they were really all that bad.

Produced by The From Superheroes Network.

Winner: Best Debut Podcast (2019), Best Comedy (2020), Canadian Podcast Awards 
Nominated: Best TV & Film Podcast (2020), People's Choice Award for Best Podcast in Canada (2019, 2020).

Jun 6, 2019

Erik Lehnsherr, a holocaust survivor born with incredible talents, is faced with cruel new laws that seek to persecute those like him and he vows to stop the horrors of his childhood from repeating themselves by any means necessary.

But Eric find himself at odds with his life-long friend Charles Xavier, who foolishly pursues a policy of appeasement, but he must also wrestle with the difficult decision of sacrificing one innocent life in order to save millions.

Edited by Andrew Ivimey and produced for the From Superheroes network. Visit for more podcasts, YouTube series, web comics, and more.