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Comedians Craig Fay and Rebecca Reeds view movies and TV shows from the villain's perspective and dare to ask if they were really all that bad.

Produced by The From Superheroes Network.

Winner: Best Debut Podcast (2019), Best Comedy (2020), Canadian Podcast Awards 
Nominated: Best TV & Film Podcast (2020), People's Choice Award for Best Podcast in Canada (2019, 2020).

Nov 4, 2021

While on a mission to save his species alien symbiote Riot crash lands on a strange planet called Earth.  Riot quickly discovers that merging with the native humans is the key to the symbiote’s salvation but before he can usher in an age of peaceful co-existence he must defeat the treacherous Venom who will doom his entire species to extinction in order to keep the whole world, and its resources, for himself. 

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